Saturday, December 4

4. Decembre. 2010 "For Future Exchange Students of Northfield!"

One Year Ago with Inbounds 2009-2010
It's crazy and a little scary for me to think that it was an entire year ago that we all had our Rotary interviews.  I remember my interviewers and the classroom we were in perfectly.  I remember the Brazilians capturing my mom..and me having to later remind her, to her dismay, that I was applying..not her. :)  I remember driving home afterwards with Maria Estenson, and us talking constantly about all of the possibilities of our future. We were so excited we couldn't seem to think about anything else!  Even though I am loving my experience here, I find myself a little jealous of you new student who are, and should be, brimming with this initial excitement.  My advice for the interviews, if it's not too late, is be yourself and go in with an open mind.  You never know which countries might end up interesting you. hint  hint italy hint. :P However I would say is take the time to enjoy the excitement because this is just the beginning of an amazing and life-changing process! So take it all in. I can't wait to hear where you all are headed!!

In bocca al lupo!  

(This phrase means good luck in italian..even though it's directly translated to in the mouth of the wolf.....oh italians :) ) 

Baci a tutti!


  1. Ah Stina, I can't believe that was a year ago either! I remember that day (and dancing with the Brazilians all night) perfectly!
    Oh and ps- love the picture:)

  2. Hi i'm Liana, and I just found out I'm going to France next year with Rotary. :)) It really is all very exciting. :D