Thursday, February 17

La Vita è Bella

    I was talking to a dear friend, and fellow exchange student, the other day when he asked me what had been going on lately over on my side of the world.  I found myself blurting out the appropriate response that has been instilled in me for years now, without even thinking.."Oh you know..nothing much".  I realized just seconds afterwards that in the past two weeks I not only had had friends visit from home, but also two beautiful trips one to Venice and one to Barcelona... I would definitely call that something! I found it a little bit funny, and admittedly a little sad, that I've started to become so accustomed to this amazing life. Now it feels normal here and the strange reality of returning home is lingering, I realize that I just need to sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty that will be in these last months. More later!

At the theater with lovely friends from my class :) 
It was great and surreal to go to Venice with two great friends
 on an absolutely beautiful day!
Beautiful Barcelona with my girls!