Wednesday, October 6

6. Ottobre. 2010 “Take Me Home, Country Roads”

Before I left, a lot of people asked me if, after spending a year abroad in a completely foreign land, it would be difficult for me to come back to Northfield and go to college in my hometown.  At first I was a little worried that I’d want to go out again to a new and difference place, but now I am so happy to be in Northfield and to be going to St. Olaf next year.  Even though I am loving this experience here and it’s great to be on my own, I think that I will always be a “home body”.  This blog is kind of personal so it won’t be important to lots of people but this one is mainly for my own fun.  This is a list of 25 things I’ve really been craving to do back home lately. (Next time I’ll make a list of all the fun things I’m excited to do here.)
  1. Walk around in downtown Minneapolis.
  2. Study at Blue Monday with Dan and two large hot chocolates
  3. Take my doggy, Zebedee, for a walk with my family
  4. Take a walk in the apple orchard
  5. Go to an Emmaus church service
  6. Walk down St. Olaf Ave and see the beautiful colors on the trees
  7. Get French toast at the Ole Café
  8. Go to the science museum
  9. Eat a popcorn dinner with my family (which they think is really funny here by the way! )
  10. Wake up in my bright orange room
  11. Create “my lighting” in a couple choice rooms :)
  12. Watch an American football game with my dad
  13. Go for a run with Amy at Tostrud
  14. Sing with last years madrigals in that room by the auditorium
  15. Go on a road trip with my family
  16. Sing in a NHS choir concert and go to a cast party afterwards
  17. Drive up to my grandma Mum’s house
  18. Take a walk in the Carleton Arb
  19. Watch Simply Irresistible with Ellen
  20. Go for a hayride
  21. Go to Lake Byllesby with The Boys The Boys
  22. Go to Dairy Queen with Meredith
  23. Walk across my creaky stairs in my hallway
  24. Listen to Dan play the piano
  25. Hear the church bells playing outside my house everyday at 6
I want to do all of these things, but when I look back at them I realize that it's not the things I want to do..but the people I want to do them with. I'm writing this down because when I get home I'm going to actually do all of these things! I don't want to take the people and the town I love so much for granted! I can have fun and enjoy my time here for now and have this list for when I get back! 

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  1. Stina!

    We miss you! We didn't know you were so far away though. Come visit us when you get back. We need a new babysitter - and one that can sing good lullabies is a definite plus!

    jana, noah, kaia, and nika (and rick too - but you don't know him)