Tuesday, September 14


School is now in session! Even though I'm going to school and starting to lead a more normal life, I still get caught up in the luxurious beauty of this country and this culture. I know this might sound terrible...but I remember thinking, when I got off of the plane and saw a Janitor in the airport: "What are you doing? You know you're in Italy right? Go drink some wine in the Italian country side and relax!"
I too get wrapped up in this wonderful stereotype that infiltrated peoples' minds as soon as I say I'm living in Italy.  While I'm loving the fact that most of these wonderful things are true, it's even more interesting to discover the things that make life in Italy normal and real. So in this blog I want to share my observations about two things. School & FOOD. 
1. School on Saturday...not cool Italy.
2. It starts at 8 and ends at 12 or 1...which is nice
3. There's nothing on the walls, no decorations, just 2 blackboards
4. There is no lunch break so everyone brings snacks to school to eat during the breaks
5. I can always hear them talking about me during class because I hear phrases like "blah blah cristina blah blah american" but it always has to do with trying to get me to understand something, so I don't really mind
6. Even though I say now..."SOLO stina" when people ask my name...everyone calls me Cristina anyways so I'm just gonna give up :)
7.  Almost every subject is lecture based, and the students never talk and they always take notes very diligently.
8. Like most schools in other countries we don't move throughout the school except for physical education class.
1. Pasta pasta pasta pasta. Usually eaten with fresh vegetables or some meat.  You think that this great big bowl of pasta was the dinner..but no there is always another course. 
2. We hardly ever have dessert, which is difficult for me, especially with my chocolate addiction. However when you go out..the gelato is to die for.
3. Most of the bread we eat is hard. It's still good, but I do miss my mommas "melt in your mouth" French bread.
4. I have to say "no ho fame, no ho fame" (I'm not hungry) at least 5 times a day.  No matter how much I eat it's never enough! They're trying to fatten me up I just know they are :)
5. It's interesting to hear what kind of food they think is "typical american". Most of the time it's McDonalds :/ 
6. I really really miss ethnic food. I usually love to eat Chinese, Indian and Mexican food but here it's only Italian cuisine. I know that it is amazing but I really do miss the diversity. 

I'm still trying to line up some extra curricular activities because the school doesn't offer anything besides the lessons. Otherwise, life is good here in Italy.


  1. Stiiina! No problem! I LOVE mexican and chinese food! We can eat it together,i'll bring you in wonderful places! ;D

  2. hey :) your blog really made me smile and think about that i'm going to cremona in a couple of weeks! i would want to ask some schools there about coming as exchange student for a month or two and as your school has taken international students i thought i'd try to ask them (at least for help) so what's your schools name?
    Greetings from Finland

  3. Hi Cristina (hee hee)

    Italy sounds wonderful! It is so much fun reading about your adventures. Let me know the secret to eat pasta and stay skinny when you figure it out.

    Heidi (Gage's mom)

  4. hei suomalainen, tààllà toinen suomalainen, vaihto-oppilaana Cremonassa, oot siis tulossa tànne piankin? tuutko jonkun jàrjestòn kautta vai omin pàin? :)
    Oh and Stina you know that there is a chinese restaurant at the shopping center? So if u miss chinese food go there!! :DD (donno if it's good though, cos I went to McDonalds... :D)